From within the streets of Chicago, beyond the daily commute of the 9 to 5ers and among the music blaring in the streets, Navarro (formerly known as Scheme) makes his presence known and begins to make his mark taking his outlook on Hip Hop to a new level. Influenced by artists who range from Nas to Carlos Santana, Navarro is a vivid writer with a story to tell and an uncanny talent to point out with precision the realities of life as a Latino in the United States. A first generation Mexican-American, his exposure to different cultures, languages and walks of life have helped create a voice for the generation of kids who were the first to grow up in the U.S., all the while unsure of where they really belonged.

At an early age, Navarro started rewriting lyrics from some of his favorite records, studying the rhyme’s structure and flow. Learning the ins and outs of the genre, he discovered a balance between his foundation as a lyricist and the concepts and melodies used to deliver his message. Through his music, he tells the story of how Hip Hop changed his feeling of not belonging and the way music accepts every race, every color and every class. Using his words as a weapon for good he captures moments in life that can change moods, create ideas and generate emotion.

With topics ranging from identity to gang violence, being a Chicano to immigration, Navarro’s music resonates’ the voice of the people. He has gained the respect of his peers and his fans around the globe give their praise for his undeniable talent and humility. He’s determined to get his messages of life to all who will listen- Same Rebel, New Cause.